The Management of the School

Little Flower School & Creche have also organized a children friendly tutorial home for the students of class V to XII (CBSE all stream) for exploring the innate Creativity & Talent of the children and to guide them to develop personality. Timings of the tutorial home is 4 PM to 8PM.

Normally, there is a misconception that play schools simply prepare students for elite schools only but the opinion of the Little Flower School & Creche team differs.

It is scientifically proven that at this tender stage brain activities is at its peak. We earnestly believe that the foundations for the successful career are laid down at an early age only.

We have developed a child friendly curriculum & child safety environment where your kids shall find the opportunity to discover innate multi level potential of their own.

The Little Flower School & Crèche apart from play school & tutorial home has setup a crèche (A Day care unit) for children at the school campus.


  • To educate the children through sports & fun learning.
  • Regular counselling of the children to develop their talents & build confidence in themselves.
  • Organized regular health check up for the students for ensuring healthy future citizen of the nation.
  • To create an atmosphere where children feel happy to stay at institute more than home.

It's essential features includes

  • A secure & eco-friendly stress free environment with best attention given to safety, sanitation & health.
  • Well trained, experienced & dedicated teachers & staff.
  • Holistic & mental stimulation through various activities.
  • The facility is equipped with comfortable mattresses.